Baggage / luggage:

How many suitcases can we bring?

Based on our experiences we noticed that in some occasions passengers tend to bring several suitcases per person. To avoid any unecessary problems and bad mood at the beginning of our transfer service we decided to limit the maximal number of suitcases brought on the transfer to ensure the quality of our services.

Measurements and sizes were taken from international airlines and inter-continental flights allowances.
Remember: below mentioned sizes and measurements are only aplicable for our services ! Make sure you follow the airline limits aswell !


We divide suitcases into two main categories:

A)  Big hold suitcases
Under this we categorize all the suitcases that are going under “check-in” baggage procedure. We are talking about big hard / soft-shelled suitcases that go into airplane hold-luggage space.
Maximal measurements allowed:
Height: 86 cm
Lenght: 61 cm
Width: 33 cm
No limit in kilograms

C)  Cabin-size suitcases
Here we categorize all the suitcases that are allowed with you on board. We are talking about small hard /soft-shelled suitcases that go above your flight seat in the dedicated drawers.
Maximal measurements allowed:
Height: 55 cm
Lenght: 40 cm
Width: 27 cm
No limit in kilograms

The measurements are allways measured from bottom to top – wheels included ! (see the pictures below)

Suitcase sizes
Suitcase measuring (wheels included !)

Number of suitcases based on group / booking size

Not all bookings are subtitled to limits of baggage / luggage. Only bookings with bigger amount of passengers are “problematic”. For further explanation please check the list below.

Number of passengers per vehicle:

  • 1 – 4 passengers = no limits
  • 5 – 6 passengers = 6x suitcase from category A + 6x suitcases from category C
  • 7 – 8 passengers = 4x suitcase from category A + 8x suitcases from category C


Those are the limits based on number of passengers per vehicle. With amounts bigger than specified above we cannot guarantee that all the luggage will fit into our vehicles. 
If you tend to bring less suitcases from category A and more from category C, thats acceptable of course.

Other pieces of backpacks or additional personal items are categorized under category B. In case of full vehicle those will have to be kept with the passenger by the seat or in passengers lap. Here the same rule applies – if you tend to bring less suitcases from category A or C, you can bring more items from category B.

Allways remember, that smaller sized baggage is easier to pack and fit into the vehicle by full occupancy of the passenger seats ! 

If from various reasons your booking will have large amounts of suitcases (specialy categories A and C) than specified or expected, please mention that in the comunication. Later or last-minute arrangements are difficult to implement !


Wish you a pleasant ride with us !

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