We offer the airport shuttles to and off the airports or even main train stations. Our network of routes consists of: Northern Italian airports (Milano, Bergamo, Bologna, Venice, Treviso and Trieste), three Austrian airports (Vienna, Graz and Klagenfurt), Munich airport, airports in Zagreb, Ljubljana (Brnik), Budapest and Pula.
All the shuttles are operated in the direction of Slovenia or Trieste.

In addition to our “home-base network” we decided to expand our transfer services. From Bratislava we offer you several brand new routes operated under our name:
Vienna airport / city, Bratislava airport, Budapest airport / city, Nitra, Trnava, Galanta, Győr, Žilina, Dunajska Streda and transfers within Bratislava.

On our shuttle rides we use the brand new Ford van with capacity up to 8 passengers. The ride is reserved only for you – there is no waiting time, nor changing vehicles. It is the direct link between your doorstep and airport terminal at the agreed time schedule.

If have you’ve booked a shuttle with us, please follow theese pickup INSTRUCTIONS.
Bratislava routes and all the information about it are available HERE.


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* Shuttle can only be “shared” only in the situation when we have more passengers for the same flight, or same destination. But in the maximal time frame of 30 minutes difference between eachother.

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