Family wandering in Posočje

In summer we can spend time exploring our hidden gems of beautifull Slovenia. Let’s use this time to visit Posočje, which offers a spectacular heaven for families, exploring natural sights of emerald green river Soča while walking to hidden corners. Boat trip on the river will make our youngest ones very happy and inspire their imagination. Come and join us !
You will enjoy in a calm voyage on the emerald river Soča and listening to the myths and legends told by capitan Dean. Children on board will be capitain’s second hand; navigating the vessel, horning with boat’s horn, measure the lake’s deepness and do all other sorts of “sailors” tasks.
Not far away from Kobarid, above emerald river Soča, there’s a gauge of stream Kozjak where it’s 15 meters high waterfall is well known. Popular natural sight creates a feeling of place like heaven, which is hidden from outside world by high Karst caves like dark walls. To reach this place there is a well maintained walking path, completed with wooden bridges and final-end terrace from where you have a mystical view on rock-like amphitheatre with green natural pool and white beam water.


4 passengers … 35 € / person
8 passengers … 20 € / person

Price includes organisation and implementation of the trip, welcome drink and water for refreshment during the trip.
price for 4 persons = 1 family
price for 8 persons = 2 families (6 – 8 persons)


  • tax for waterfall Kozjak: 10 € / family
  • boat Most na Soči:  8 € adults + 4 €  children up to 10 years

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